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Miss Socialist, Margate 1966

. Miss Socialist

On a day when the Labour Party is in yet more trouble in the media, I thought it was time to hark back to what some may call simpler times. Others may simply call them less enlightened times

Whatever your view, this picture of Margate’s Miss Socialist is pretty shocking. Yes it was taken 50 years ago, but it reveals so much about the world of politics at that time. Trades unions were holding beauty shows. The Liberal Party also had one of their own in Thanet up into the 1970s.

I have not found any Conservative Party contests as yet. Whether that is because local Tories found the contests demeaning, common or simply beneath them will have to be left to speculation for now. But if you come across any or every took part in a political party beauty contest in the Margate area I would love to hear from you.

This picture from the local press shows Miss Julie Cannon, a 17-year-old student from Birchington, winning the contest at the annual Labour Party dinner and dance at Queen’s Hall. The ‘eight charming competitors’ were judged by local councillors and then local(ish) MP David Ennais. Miss Jenny Hamilton of St Peter’s and Miss Eva Van de Hurste of Margate were the runners up. Let me know if you know any of them.

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